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Survivor Cagayan Discussion Post

Spoilers below the Woo!


Well, that was an intense episode! <—- understatement of the year. And that's not even going into the vicious tweeting that happened while I was livetweeting. I knew it was going to be pretty unpredictable (merge episodes usually are), but when the vote shakes out, you generally see how the rest of the game will fall into place. The editors are knocking it out of the park this season and I have no idea what will happen. They've been doing misleading edits since episode 1! It's exciting.


My thoughts:

  • Sarah really didn't do the swing vote thing very well. She was demanding and pushy and insistent that Tony and LJ didn't have idols (HA!). She was not working well with the tribe and I'm not surprised she rilled up Kass. She also didn't handle the Tony situation very well - it was obvious she was lying to him.
  • So I do understand why Kass & the former Solana tribe wanted to get rid off her. But the timing was very bad. A smarter move would have been to vote off Jefra and then approach Spencer & Tash about voting off Sarah. Now Kass has burned her core alliance and moved to the bottom of another alliance, which is not a good position. Also I don't get why she didn't understand that Tash was managing Sarah. Tash wasn't replacing Kass with Sarah; that seemed pretty obvious to me at least.
  • Tony & LJ were funny with the idols and then the moment Jefra's name popped up? PURE TV GOLD. Your uppance has come, good sirs.
  • I thought Trish did a good job of approaching Kass. It was frank but not pushy and obviously it worked.
  • However, I hated the fact that they cheered and clapped when Sarah was voted out. I've never seen that happen before. That was super rude and tacky. That group seems to be really tacky and disrespectful in general.
  • Also that horrible Tyler Perry idol rumour is TRUE! UGH. Whoever finds this idol will be unstoppable until the final 4/5 (however they decide to do it). It's partially how Yul Kwon won Cook Islands. Awful, awful decision from production.


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Do you think Kass can get back in with her former tribe? Does she even want to? Who will find the Tyler Perry idol? Will someone finally wise up to Tony's antics?


ETA: I hope my sassy Corinne gif is working now.

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