Hoo boy! LOTS to unpack this week. Spoilers below the jump.

Lindsey's quit:

  • I don't think (from what we saw) that she was being bullied by Trish. It seems like she was more of a bully to Trish from earlier episodes. But Survivor producers hate quitters, so they may have edited it to make her seem like she was quitting out of frustration for not getting her way.
  • HOWEVER, if she truly felt like she was going to physically attack Trish, then this was the right move. It's obviously a toxic situation and while quitting shouldn't be the answer, I think she should not have stayed when she thought she was going to become violent (which leads to automatic expulsion from the game).
  • I thought Trish and Tony acted really immaturely about the whole thing, which is disappointing from grown adults. I get that they were on the bottom and now they're high on power, but laughing about Lindsey's quit and making fun of her was pretty low.

Tony's move with the idol clue was inspired but not well thought out. If Jeremiah had been more on the ball, he could have easily exposed him as a fraud. WHY HASN'T ANYONE EXPOSED TONY YET? I hope he gets his comeuppance at the merge.

On a related point, LJ seems to be the only one whose wheels are actually turning by saying 'hey, this guy isn't trustworthy'. Hopefully LJ can make some moves next week.

I think the Appari tribe made the right choice in getting rid of Alexis over Jeremiah. Alexis is smart but not subtle about it whereas Jeremiah isn't strategic at all. Alexis could easily coast through the merge and get to the top 6 without stirring up too much shit.


What are your thoughts? Who do you think will be the first post-merge boot? Where will Sarah vote? What's your current final 3 prediction?

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