Welcome to the weekly Groupthink discussion of Episode 3 (or week 2) of Survivor BBB. Spoilers ahoy!

1. I'm so glad Brains finally won/didn't lose! I love that they practiced the water portion and then were very bad at it. But yes, watching one tribe lose continually gets boring and depressing fast.

2. That said, I'm really sad Brice was the one to go home. He was such a smart and entertaining player. LJ definitely made the smartest choice for himself by seeing how good Brice was at the social game and eliminating him early but I would have liked to see Brice go far. I'm sure he'll be asked back in future seasons as he made such a big impact with only 3 episodes (or 9 days) under his belt.

3. LJ is playing a smart game. Looking for the idol in the storm? GENIUS! Everyone was too busy being miserable to suspect him. He's in the driver's seat in that tribe, for sure.

4. I wanted to reach through the screen and shake Sarah! I couldn't believe she bought Tony's story. I hope she wises up to him soon because she's got the potential to be a great player but not if she's hitching herself to his wagon and trusting in the 'Cops 'R Us' alliance.


5. Woo is adorable. So excited to be in a monsoon! I just want to hug him.

6. J'Tia being all 'I want to eat rice' after she dumped most of the rice. I'm surprised no one on her tribe yelled at her. Maybe they will in a couple of days when they're extremely hungry.



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