As a big Survivor fan, I'd love for there to be a Survivor open thread. I don't wade into the usual message boards/forums because of the pure crap there. Heck, even on twitter, people are extremely rude and bigoted towards the players directly.

So, if there's an interest, I'd like to have a Survivor open thread here on Thursdays (giving everyone just about a day to catch up).

First, here are some links:

  • Dalton Ross' recap as well as his weekly Q&A with the Probst-man.
  • Survivor Know-It-Alls Rob Cesternino & Stephen Fishbach's podcast recap.
  • The Survivor After Show has been replaced by Survivor Live but there's just pictures and I don't know if it will be watchable outside of the US. Parv's still hosting.

What did everyone think of BBB (as I like to call this season)? I thought the at least one of the tribes would completely fail to live up to their name and well, that would be brains. I thought it would be Brawn, honestly, because that's happened on an individual level in the past, but the Brawn tribe is doing really well. Obviously the whole Trish v. Lindsey thing will come to a head at some point, as well as the Tony v. Cliff, but I think they'll last a few more challenges intact since they seem to work as a team when they need to.

I like Brice (from Beauty). Him sitting back and watching his tribemates and getting a read on them and how they were playing people reminded me a lot of Richard Hatch sitting up in that tree back in season 1. So he definitely has potential to go far. I like Spencer and Tasha on the Brains tribe but that tribe is self-destructing so fast, I'm not giving any of them long odds.


And J'Tia! Why'd you have to dump the rice? That's a Hantz move. You just shot yourself in the foot! Congrats on saving yourself from the vote but now you have NO FOOD. I don't see her lasting long term because throwing out food is a huge deal on Survivor and they're not going to forgive that. Her best shot is to make it to a tribe scramble/absorption and get a clean slate with a new tribe that doesn't know about the rice.

So share your thoughts with me, GT. There's only one rule:

No future spoilers from sites like Survivor Sucks. I don't care if you want to know who's on the jury or who's in the final 2/3. That ruins the fun of watching the show, IMO. Speculation based on editing and 'next time' is fine. But no spoilers please.


ETA: Totally forgot about the AfterBuzz recap show with Jerri Manthey!