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Suspicious facebook post...

So, on my university Overheard page, someone just posted a picture of a female pug with the caption 'private message me for more details on my adorable female Pug puppy that still needs a home..' Obviously dozens of people have liked it and tagged their friends under and one guy has asked 'is this little nugget still on the market?'

When I click on the profile of the person she has only 2 friends and appears to have only ever had two profile pictures - of different, middle aged women. She is a member of various Selling fb groups and uni groups. It all just sounds really suspicious to me, and I really don't want to start lecturing people about trying to buy animals online (I've been publicly humiliated on there before for trying to tell someone off for a rape joke) especially as I know some of the girls who have liked it, but either this is a big scam and there is no dog, or this person runs a puppy farm. Right? Am I just being paranoid? Also, I don't know much about small dogs but the puppy looks way too young.

Hopefully no one is stupid enough to actually seriously approach this woman.

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