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Suspicious package found near Clinton home: Updated--one went to Obama as well---CNN evacuated for suspicious package.

What the hell is going on in this country? First they found a bomb at George Soros house the other day—-now this morning, something at Hillary’s house in Chappaqua.


This is freaking crazy.

ETA: it WAS a bomb and the authorities detonated it safely. Sounds like it was the same type of device that was found at Soros’ house.

Secret Service statement saying one package went to the Clintons addressed to Hillary, and one went to the Obama’s address—the mail does not go to their houses—it was found by technicians who screen their mail routinely.


NYC police reporting that CNN has contacted police about a possible suspicious package at their building. They are on their way now to investigate.


CNN has switched to DC anchors and the NYC anchors are out on the street broadcasting on their phones. They found a suspicious package in the CNN mail room.

Updating again—-Police in FL investigating a suspicious package at the office of Rep Debbie Wasserman Shultz


HOLY cow—-now Pete Willams saying that the return address used on the other bombs was DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ

Additional devices reported at : Eric Holder’s NY office, Kamala Harris’ San Diego office, Governor Cuomo’s NYC office.


FBI also reporting that the padded mailers also had a suspicious powder in them as well as the devices—they are testing the powder now.

Possible device found in mail room in Congress—no word yet on who it was addressed to.


Device sent to Holder was never delivered—it was sent back.. NBC correcting that there was no device sent to Schultz—-her address was used as the return address on other devices—and the one intended to go to Holder was sent back to her office and that’s the device they are looking into.

Adding: Suspicious package found in DC Congress mail facility was addressed to Maxine Waters office. They are investigating if it is the same contents as the others.


Adding: NYC police confirming the package at Cuomo’s office was not connected to this situation.


Trump speech—they had to have Melania start by speaking about the bomb threats —I don’t think anyone throught Trump could do it with a straight face.

He adds a brief statement and fails to call it terrorism.

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