Dear GT: Don't forget about the first Absurdly Ineffective Barricade (I'm really growing to like the wordiness of the name) discussion TOMORROW! SUSPIRIA! I'm going to re-watch tomorrow morning and finalize my discussion questions before the evening thread. :)

In other news, I actually shut down a bar last night courtesy of the O's playing to 18 innings. And then we lost. Sigh. But it's cool, we've now scuttled a bunch of starters in service of....oh, a loss.

Afterwards, I met the two loudest Michiganders to walk the earth. They were delightful, but talking VERY LOUDLY and so my friend and I raised our voices accordingly and then we were ALL YELLING ABOUT HOCKEY! BUT IN A FRIENDLY WAY! After twenty minutes I realized we were the only four people remaining in the bar, and that the bartender (who is a delightful lady) was just being kind by not reminding us we needed to leave. And then I slept past noon. Right now I am sitting in my pajamas *still* drinking coffee, preparing to write a bit, walk the dog, and bake some cornbread for the Bama-CSU football game tonight.