Suzanne Venker has an important announcement: something, something MISANDRY!

Today in MISANDRY, the world renown tin-foil-hat site Red Ice Radio interviewed our beloved maiden of the patriarchy, Suzanne Venker.

I listened to it so you don't have to.

The Truth.

Here are all the things the scary world is too afraid to tell you.

Obama has a lobby. The feminist lobby! And "they [the feminists] pull his purse strings and he [Obama] responds". We have the power - the power of grayskull!


Men's careers are linear due to biology, which feminists reject.


It's biology, duh.

Women chose to be middle managers instead of heading to the corner office. You can't be the boss at the workplace and in the home, it is impossible. Like, physically impossible. I think if you try your head explodes, or bears get you, or something. Doing well in the home and in the work place are naturally in conflict.


Feminists destroyed life.

It is feminists' fault that people went from one paycheck per family to needing two paychecks per family. Now the kids are being taken care of by "the government" at school (there were no public schools before women entered the work force).


See the Suffragettes started out with a good concept - the vote. After feminism got co-opted by the marxist movement. AT THE SAME TIME it was also feminists and women entering the work force that degraded the value of the dollar so that families would need two working parents to survive. Feminists are both marxists AND pushers of greed, materialism and capitalism.

Moving on.

College brainwashes women to dream big about the careers they are going to have. No college course explains to women about their futures as wives and mothers. Feminism, and the feminist controlled "college education system", has led the way to our valuing things over people and devaluing doing something good for society and acting altruistically.


There is all this talk about a job and how fulfilling it is, when the really fulfilling task is taking care of children (men don't feel this fulfilment I guess due to, ah, "biology"). When you have children you'll understand. Like Venker. She understands. Girls gravitate towards dolls and boys gravitate towards guns! It's biology! Back 100 000 years ago boys were playing with stick guns.


And just so you know women release oxytocin when they touch men and the study she is talking about was in no way done on prairie voles. Women + oxytocin = family, love, puppies, rainbows and awesomeness. Suzanne Venker would like to teach you that women don't have testosterone and men don't have oxytocin. Fact.


In order to be equal, or worthy, you need to prove yourself by being strong, in control and making money. But this attitude screws up your relationships at home.


You are a shitty partner if you are strong, in control or make money. Men want someone weak and out of control who doesn't make money. Pregnancy, labour or parenting have never required strength, control or money.

In conclusion.

If men the run the world then how come women make up 60% of all college campuses AND they are doing better at college than men? AND they are 51% of the voting block! Didn't you know it isn't the Illuminati running the world - it is a secret cabal of female college students?! Wake up sheeple! Women can't be oppressed if they do well in college.


The fact that men are the majority of every government, business and any other important body, including private clubs / groups with immense power and wealth throughout the entire world does not mean men run the world.

Like, how stupid are you to even think that? Just because the facts say this doesn't mean it is true. It just proves women don't want power, wealth, prestige, a political voice, fame, notoriety, to make history, have their story told or any other provincial thing. Women just want to be a wife and have babies.


These "facts" have never, ever, ever proven systemic discrimination. The entirety of women throughout history and in every country wants exactly the same thing because we are the borg.

Having men irrefutably in charge of all aspects of society isn't proof of a patriarchy. Just because society reflects the dictionary definition of a patriarchy (a social system in which the male is the primary authority figure central to social organization and the central roles of political leadership, moral authority, and control of property, and where fathers hold authority over women and children) doesn't make society, uh, an actual patriarchy. What are you, dense?


After all this, peace out.