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THERE MAY BE SPOILERS HERE. I tried to keep it vague, but you know, if you are haven’t seen it, beware.

So, are we gonna talk about last nights crazy pants SVU premier? So, things I liked- I liked that the episode was so insane that it really felt like fiction. The two gleefully sociopathic serial killers was great. My favorite fictional baddies are the ones who seem to be having fun with their evil- I always prefer the Crowleys, the Hannibals, the snarky, sardonically smirking serial killers. I like that they are so over the top it doesn’t feel real- it’s a Steven King story rather than a Dateline NBC one. I liked that they took the time to let the story show that the cross dressing the killer did was just a way to escape prosecution and not some poorly written trans panic bullshit (which SVU is THE WORST for; check out “next week’s very special episode”) I like Carisi because he seems really cool and chill and he always seems to listen to the women he works with much more than the other detectives. Also, Peter Scanavino is pretty. I liked the courtroom drama. What I miss about old L&O (the OG L&O) is that it was exactly half a police procedural and half a law procedural. That is sorely missing in SVU IMO.

I don’t like where they have taken Benson’s character. It feels like they don’t want to give her the gravitas L&O always gave other Sergeants and Lieutenants. Benson and Stabler may have run around behind Cragin’s back, but you knew that shit would come back on them- I didn’t feel like Rawlins was going to face any sort of anything for talking with a serial killer without Benson’s approval; even after it was used as a point of contention at trial. And Briscoe and Green would have NEVER pulled that shit on Van Buren. I don’t like that they are setting up a whole “poor, pitiful, single pregnant Rawlins.” It feels like they are going to use it for some crappy abortion- will she won’t she? storyline; probably with an ultimately vaguely anti-choice she keeps the baby(!! tears 5-evah!!1!) resolution. Overall it was a super fun episode that sort of reminded me why I don’t watch SVU anymore and why I wish original L&O would replace it on Netflix.

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