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Sweet dreams, Chritter~

You were a good, kind, funny, talented, complicated & contrary man. Quick to reach out your hand in friendship & quick with your wit and humor. Always.

I don’t give A FUCK about what went down 2 years ago. Yes, I remember. Yes, he took his lumps like a champ & a clueless, offensive mess. I asked myself at the time what I would have done; how I would have responded. It doesn’t really matter, though.

He was our friend. He was cherished here & deservedly so. He was the first Mod to reach out in friendship to so many of us that are still here with GT.


We all make terribly dumb mistakes & hope for kindness, if not forgiveness. Forgiveness & kindness is a gift he well deserves.

I’ve been crying since I read Stocking Up’s post. I could recount our friendship (on here & off. Email, not twitter) but that seems weird & selfish. Instead, I’ll attach one of his posts about food & a Stevie Ray Vaughn jam that we both loved. He was a late night catfish & I was up late with a broken heart when we found our Stevie Ray kinship.

It’s especially poignant now, this song, as Chritter adored his Mrs more than life. Hearts are broken.

Whether you liked him or not, he was a powerful soul around here once. I adored him.


Wishing you, Chritter, a beautiful rest.


ETA: Ditched the first one on YouTube originally posted. Our late~night version above.

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