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So stand up straight, ok? And holy shit, learn that "tailored" doesn't mean "suit" - it just means don't ever wear anything 18 sizes too big, because it's going to come back to you on the internet someday and you'll laugh, then say "I was so skinny, why was I wearing this???"

Sweet dreams... sweet dreams. Auntie Kanye loves you.

(That's me on the right... real-life-way-wayback-machine/AMAZING bestie-who-saved-pix guesses this was about 26 years ago. Yup. That's right. I was hipster before hipster was a fucking WORD.)


ETA: Yup, this is what the hipsters are going for in irony - I've been informed those are red spandex pants, y'all. Red. Spandex. Pants.

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