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Sweet, Sweet Fantasy, Baby

Sometimes, while driving on my long-ass commute, I like to let my imagination run wild with fantasies about the ending scenes in our real life American Horror Story. It brings me a temporary peace. Stray thoughts:

  1. Trump apparently warned Republicans their jobs would not be safe if they couldn’t pass Trumpcare, and promised to help out those who did back him. I fantasize that he actively criticizes and campaigns against these Republican members of Congress who obstruct Trumpcare, and turns a bunch of Republican MOCs against him. Impeachment, here we come!
  2. The pissing video gets put on the internet and goes viral. The religious right, whose support for Trump was slow because it was such a massive effort to undertake such cognitive dissonance, turns on him and the rest of the party.
  3. (This is a fantasy in the form of, well I hope this doesn’t happen but if it does I hope this is the result) Trumpcare only manages to pass through Congress by getting more conservative, more ambitious, and having a faster timeline. The sweeping massive loss of healthcare and disruption to the industry causes the Republicans to lose ground almost everywhere.
  4. Neil Gorsuch is not the activist judge Trump thinks he is (I kind of think he probably isn’t, even if he’s a huge dickhole), doesn’t single-handedly and immediately overturn Roe v Wade or enact the Muslim bans or whatever (because I’m sure Trump doesn’t understand the judicial system) and Trump goes goddamn ballistic trying to get rid of him, cross him, get revenge, etc.

Does anyone else do this fantasizing nonsense?

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