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Sweet, Sweet Schadenfreude

I have a horrible ex. So horrible, that my family/friends and I don't use his actual name, because it's too triggering of the bullshit he put me through. While he wasn't physically abusive, he did lie to me a LOT, treated me like garbage, and is a narcissist who thinks that he's a zen master (yes, he uses religion to hide behind.) He is known as only as "that one guy" or Troll, a name I gave him post-break up, mainly because he's such a wretched human being.

I went to a mutual friend's house yesterday, and as we were chatting about last week's violent storm that caused tons of flooding. During this conversation he mentioned that this neighborhood grocery store smelled like it had a serious sewer back up and that they "should really do something about it." This is a store where I previously worked, and where Troll currently is a manager. So that means that Troll gets to deal with a stinky, sewage-y smell every day at work, and was probably in charge of cleaning it all up. And though I know it's horrible, this made me feel like the gods had paid him back for all his shitty horrible-ness by giving him a massive shit storm (literally) to deal with.


So, yeah, this is petty. But he really had it coming.

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