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ETA: Well fuck, I might have jinxed us with that heading. Just found out my sister got rushed to the hospital tonight (one day before our vacation together), with searing abdominal pains that sound like appendicitis or pancreatitis. Waiting and hoping for good news and feeling awfully silly about fussing so much over a swimsuit.


I ended up spending too much money but got a swimsuit that I looooooove.

Some of you may recall my anxiety a couple weeks ago about buying a swimsuit for my vacation. Despite my proactive post, I ended up putting off the shopping trip until just 1 day before my vacation, a.k.a. today. Oops! :P


Since y’all were so nice as to pep me up for this year’s round of swimsuit shopping, thought I should provide an update. Success!

The shopping trip was weird, because I picked a mall with three department stores, observing that department stores often keep at least one small rack of swimsuits in-stock year round. I even called the Macy’s there to make sure they had some swimsuits in stock. However, when I got the mall, the Macy’s had but one tiny, sad clearance rack of swimsuits with four swimsuits on it, none of which was my size. So I ended up at Nordstrom - really not my favorite store. (Cute stuff, but expensive IMO; I also often feel like I’m being judged by the staff and other clients while in there and found wanting, both in terms of my wealth/trendiness and in terms of my physical appearance.)

But anyways. It was what it was, and I knew this was my one shot to get a swimsuit if I wanted to swim on my vacation. After trying on a range of one-pieces, I narrowed it down to two choices, both of which were significantly more than I wanted to spend but felt acceptable, in terms of look: one that was cute (this isn’t exactly it but is similar) but felt like a bathing suit I’d worn many times before - almost juvenile, like something a teenaged Kates would have bought; and another that was a little sexy for a vacation with my parents and siblings but that also made me feel more confident, like the 31 year-old, grown-ass professional woman that I am. So I decided - caution be damned - to buy the second suit!


Cute, right?

I’m having a little sticker shock at the amount I spent on a swimsuit but am now excited for my vacation. My thighs still jiggle, and I might have to pin the V a little at the torso so I can comfortably jump and romp in the pool without letting a boob loose or something, but I feel good. This swimsuit is going to look so good with my floppy hat, and, when summer rolls around again and I go to the super-hip city beach where everyone seems to be topless and tattooed or looking like a retro pin-up, maybe I will feel a little cool for once too!


So, thanks Groupthink for all the lovins you sent my way and for helping me solve another fashion emergency (“fashionmergency,” as we call them in my house). If I’m not reading, I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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