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It's that time. For BBees to buy a bathing suit for the summer. Apparently all my friends are amazing people and have rented a beach house for the summer. Since I'm poor, I've been invited to go whenever, as long as I bring booze and baked goods. Since that's an EXCELLENT deal, and I never take a vacation, I've decided to go.

But! I need a bathing suit top. I bought swim shorts last year but not a top. So, GT friends, what say you? Where can one buy a cute top for swimming? I am a 46DDD and on the chubster side. I will do a bikini top, because I don't give a shit about my stomach, but would prefer a tank type top. I've already looked at swimsuits for all, but they seem to have a meh selection in separates. Obviously it needs to be supportive and full coverage, I'm not looking for porny. As a thank you for your services, here are some kitties. And hot guys!


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