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Swoon: Boyancé Does a Feminism

I have been working really long hours lately. It's a good thing (and I am one of those chronically busy people anyway so I don't do well idle). I'm bringing home a lot more money than I was which is extraordinarily helpful.

Conversely, Boyancé doesn't work full-time. We have had an ebb and flow with workload our whole lives, and now that we are getting married and we share all bills and everything, there's not a lot of talk about fairness - it just is. But he has very suddenly just picked up ALL the slack in house keeping and grocery shopping and everything. Things I didn't realize just how IN CHARGE OF I had been.

Today I really sat him down and thanked him. He has been a tremendous help to me. He said: "Well, it's not fair if you're always on second shift."


I know that doesn't sound like much, but I knew exactly what he was referring to; the idea that women must work their full jobs, since we fought for that stupid equality, and then come home and manage the house as well, while Hubby relaxes and has some quiet time because he's had a hard day at work.

I am not a mother, and we will probably not have children, but it gives me comfort to know I could count on him if we did.

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