Sylphides and I would like to cordially invite everyone to watch the most recent episode of Game of Thrones ("Second Sons") with us this Thursday, 4:00 PM Eastern, 1:00 PM Pacific time.

We have been having a blast these last few weeks watching TV together and making jokes, and we thought it would be fun to get Groupthink in on it too. Seeing the success of Chani_dib's Xbox post on the new Xbox reveal, the time seems right.


Clear you schedules and set your alarms, Thursday we are starting the episode right at four, and everyone is welcome to watch and comment with us. We expect you to. I've already seen the episode and Sylphides has not, I don't care if you haven't even seen any episodes of the show but it will probably be fun. Its going to be two weeks till the next episode so you might as well.

I'll start a new thread for this Thursday.