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Synagogue in London Attacked by Drunken Mob

Sunday morning a mob of 20 young men and women who appeared to be drunk, Attacked a Synagogue in the Stamford Hill area of North London, breaking windows and trying to force their way inside. This resulted in a stand off between the gang and members of the congregation.

I don't want to in any way minimize the horror the congregation felt, but the actions of the attackers seem bizzare. What are those two women trying to do at :24? Am I right that one of them yells out "Sorry" before closing the doors?


Think Progress reports that this was one of two major Semitic incidents in Europe on the weekend as a Jewish Cemetary in Hungary was also attacked.

The Think Progress article brought up something interesting. It talked about how many people assume that the violence against Jews is the product of radical Islam, but:

"But these aggressions are perpetrated by only a tiny fraction of the European Muslim population, and are nowhere near enough to constitute the totality of the Jewish community's struggles. Rather, religious extremists are bolstered by a rash of homegrown anti-Jewish sentiment bubbling up within many right-wing — and even left-wing — European circles. In Greece, where members neo-fascist groups such as the Golden Dawn party openly tout their hatred of Jews, a recent poll found that 69 percent of adults hold anti-Semitic views. "

Whatever is going on in Europe right now is unacceptable, whomever is doing it.

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