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Synonyms for "attractive"?

So even though I'm all for taking down the gender binary, I'm going to ask a pretty gendered question (please bare with me): How do you all compliment the men in your life on their looks? Specifically, the men you're boning.

"Attractive" can sound a little clinical/cold. The variation on this, "I'm so attracted to you" feels like it makes it about me, not the other person.

"Hot" sounds...high school. Or like you're gossiping to your friends.

"Sexy" can be good, but, I always find myself stumbling over the word. It's not a word that's naturally in my vocabulary a lot.


"Handsome" reminds me of a grandmother complimenting her 8 year old grandson in his new Easter suit.

Our language is just (SURPRISE) much better suited to commenting on the appeal of a woman's body. Cute, pretty, and beautiful all sound genuine and natural.

I do comment on specific things, like a guy's beard, arms, muscles if he has them (I can go either way on muscles, but guys who have them are always proud), etc. But I was wondering what your go to compliments are!

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