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Well, I should be at the cottage, kicking back with a beer, enjoying cool breezes off the lake, the beautiful sunset and “HEY YOU ON THE JETSKI; I HOPE YOU SMASH YOUR BRAINS OUT ON A ROCK” and looking forward to some birdwatching tomorrow.

Instead I’m stuck in the city with the rest of you slobs.

One of the cats had a seizure on Friday, and while he seems fine, I don’t want to be too far from a vet, and the bills have already taken half my vacation money. So, I guess I can do the open thread after all.


It’s going to be more choreography, and the group rounds, which I hate, but we should have our top twenty this week.

ETA; I’m not going to post the top twenty in the text of the post, because not everyone has seen it yet, but it’s in the comments.

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