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SYTYCD open thread; top 4 (yes? top 4?)

(bonus Jimmy Fallon gettin’ down)

I’ve been mulling over what I’ve been finding disappointing about this season; why is it so ... flat? Yes, there was the usual elimination of a superior dancer over a dancer who made the tweenies’ hearts all aflutter, but that’s the case every year. Although it seemed to be particularly egregious this year (Asaf, Derek). Yorelis was robbed!


There were a number of other things though; no rotating jidges, for one. Although Jason and Paula actually do have substantive things to say sometimes, they’re pretty predictable. Jason will say “Yeah, it didn’t work for me”. When pressed, he can actually give some technical, productive criticism. Adding in a different judge every week shakes it up, Carly Rae Jepson from last year excepted. Poor girl was out of her depth, and she knew it.

The truncated season, which isn’t their fault. When the show started out there were not only more competition episodes, but there was an hour long elimination episode. So we got to know the dancers better. They also had more time and more routines to polish their skills, and learn new ones.

The dancers are also dancing fewer routines as duets. They have had more group routines; the big one at the start, and each team having a routine at the end, but it’s difficult to focus on an individual dancer, so once again, we don’t get to know the dancers.

Which brings up the manufactured rivalry of the two teams. That’s when I get a drink or go to the bathroom.


I can see dividing the dancers into the two teams, but the rating, and what not? The cat gif says it for me.


The lack of variety of styles, particularly ballroom. We ping pong between contemporary and hip hop. Yes, there have been a couple of ballroom numbers, and a couple of Bollywood (one good, one not so good), but far fewer of those, and there ARE other styles; Russian folk dancing for one. ;)

I’m sooo tired of hearing; “You’re one of the best dancers we’ve ever had on the show”. Everyone gets a gold star. No; not everyone can be one of the best dancers ever. And certainly not this year. Some of them are good, some are very good. The best? No. Not when they are shown up by all-stars who didn’t even make it into the top 4 in their years.


Which brings up; dumbing down the routines. What we saw last week, although entertaining, was top 15 material, not top 6. There was nothing that made me sit up and take notice, and that’s partly the choreographers’ fault too. Some of the new choreographers have brought a breath of fresh air (Tessandra Chavez), but we’re still getting the tired old themes and moves.

AND; DEPENDING ON KINJAAAA, REPLIES MAY OR MAY NOT BE TIMELY. (internal server error be damned!)

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