So, is this this worse season ever?

I’m not reeeaally getting the point of tWitch and Travis; maybe they are doing a lot more stuff off-screen than than what we are seeing, but so far, they come on and hear how the teams are stacking up against each other, which is manufactured tension, and there will be a little rah-rah session as a dancer comes of stage, and a little interview; “So-and-so needs to focus on technique in this routine”, and then they’re shown hugging so-and-so in rehearsals.

Also, the numbers are way less challenging than other years, and by this time, the dancers are doing more numbers per week by this time, and yes, they are doing an additional group number, but still ...

And I’m running out of Paul Rudd dancing gifs.

ETA; my picks for top 4. I think they’ve been setting Jim up for elimination, so I think it will be Gaby and Hailee for team stage. Team street; I think Megz will go this week, and it will be Virgil and JaJa.


ETA; by special Mr Disconnected request. An SYTYCD parody video