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T-shirts and Jeans

I wear t-shirt shirts and jeans almost all the time. I work graveyard shifts and usually go out in the morning my waitressing uniform. For a change, I wore a sundress today! I was excited and happy for the change of pace!

Nope! Had to get harassed by a well known asshole at the bar, almost cause a God damn fight, and then get kind of trapped in the bar because dick sat in his car outside for a fucking hour. Oh, and the reason he got kicked out was because I went outside for a smoke and he followed me. Apparently the entire bar watching to make sure I was okay (the prevailing opinion was that I could handle myself). I told him again to stay away from me and then went back inside where there were a lot of cameras and large men.

Ugh, I’m a little tipsy and totally nerve wracked, I’m rambling and should go to bed. Just so fucking frustrated!


I miss being able to go out and not get harassed.

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