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Tabloid Globe is so infuriating (rant is coming up)

Rant mode on.

Well today I went to the grocery store. I was going to hit more places but these flurries turned the roads dangerous. Anyway at the grocery store I looked at the checkout line magazines. What did I see? Globe the Tabloid.

Disgusting cover. It had on the top a picture of a woman labeled "Murder Hawaiin Official" that knew truth of President Obama's birth certificate. Now as we all know Globe hates 2 people President Obama and Camilla (Prince Charles SO). Why does this tabloid. I should call it rag keep up these blatant lies about the president along with now linking him to a death. Reminded me of the right wing machine that called the Clinton's killers post Vince Foster's suicide.


All this tabloid does is stoke the hatred of tea baggers many of them hate nonwhites and loooove guns.

Inside also was an article on Queen Elizabeth II "dying" and Camilla taking delight. Which is ironic since last week Globe wrote Queen Elizabeth II is skipping over Prince Charles in favor of Prince William and Camilla was not happy.

I assume next week it will be President Obama caught in bed with Camilla by Michelle while Prince Charles was feeding the poor.

I just think with this murder story Globe is playing a dangerous game with many readers who see this rag as legit like Fox News thus do something beyond stupid, dangerous and truly bad for us all and history.


Rant over.

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