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Taco sauce harassment.

I like Taco Bell. Ok. I said it. I like to eat crappy beans and questionable meat wrapped in a "tortilla." I briefly boycotted them as a teen because that fucking chihuahua seemed to be taking on dictator status, and I was irrationally worried about some sort of revolution. Then they got rid of the dog and I was back on the horse (meat?). I've kept myself to once a month for...reasons. Now you all know my secret shame.

Anyway, today was my monthly Taco Bell binge. I got out my sauce and was greeted by this.


Some people would just laugh and squeeze sauce on their burrito. But that phrase sounds an awful lot like something uttered during my sexual assault. There were 4 packets in the bag with this phrase.

I know. It's just a sauce packet. From a shitty fast food chain. But it rubs the wrong way.

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