Local Racist Accidentally Makes Sharice Davids, 'Radical Socialist Kickboxing Lesbian,' Sound Very Cool

In the latest case of white politicians attempting to stifle the myriad of rising Native 2018 candidates, a local Republican official in Kansas was apparently itching a little too hard to say the quiet part out loud, calling congressional candidate Sharice Davids a “radical socialist kick boxing [sic] lesbian.”

On DeSantis and His Crypto-Choice of “Articulate” as Dogwhistling Descriptor for His Gubernatorial Opponent:  Not Quite What I Wished To Compile, But I’ll Try To Apply My Polysyllabic Compositional Repository Elsewhere Later

At least I don’t have to find the proscriptives with which to address it myself, since Jonathan Capehart, Zerlina Maxwell, Symone Sanders, and Nina Turner have already done a much better job