Dear White People:  When It’s NAACP_LDF Lead Counsel Pulling Your Coat Over “Justice v. Comfort” Instead of Your Everyday POC Whom You Can Ignore & Dismiss, Maybe It’s Time To Pay Attention

So, this weekend (like we didn’t have anything else going on) this man – who has national platforms in both print and broadcast media, and who blasted this opinion from his official work account with The Atlantic – said this

PWMC, Intersectionality & “Sure, Jan” Divisions:  Despite Denials, Scholar of Authoritarian Regimes Notes that Repeated Reported Sexual Harasser & RNC Chair Steve Wynn Was & Is Close Enough to DJT To Influence Policy [UPDATED - Wynn Resigns RNC Finance Chair]

After one of the first rashes of these allegations last year (and, really, why are we having multiple rashes of sexual harassment allegations in an arguably “civilized” society?) Joy Reid held a panel on AMJoy with all female commentators that pointed out not only the demonstrated bias of the media coverage of the…