Or, PODA, as we like to call it around these parts.

Ok, slight bad news first: Salinger is still having a few issues with the hyperesthesia - there have been three tail (stump?) biting incidents since the surgery. He managed to get two more stitches out, but luckily the entire incision has held together and there has been no blood or excessive violence. It seems that he's finally learned that YES, IF YOU BITE YOURSELF IT FUCKING HURTS, CAT.

Good news: WE HAVE FOUND A MEDICATION THAT WORKS WITH THE HYPERESTHESIA! Salinger basically wants to murder me for making him take such a foul liquid (and his foaming at the mouth in a futile attempt to cough it up is just...so, so, so special and really something I love cleaning up every single time), but people: Gabapentin for the MFin' WIN.

It's ostensibly a seizure medication, and epilepsy is a possible root cause of hyperesthesia (along with "breathing", "environment", and "everything under the sun and possibly underground", it feels like). Right now I'm on Team Epilepsy Hypothesis, because the stark change in behavior is pretty incredible. He is totally relaxed and exactly like his old self, which leads me to:

GREAT NEWS: My boy still can derp and do yoga with the best of them! I submit as proof, and your viewing pleasure:


If you happened to miss the last update, in which we solved the riddle of the missing cape, you can find it below. (Because I wrote a commentary for an update, it won't let me link directly - KINJAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!)


TAIL WATCH 2014: We Found The Missing Cape!

So it's been an altered kind of Saturday afternoon/night, if YA know what I mean...

One of the most unbelievable events of this evening is that we actually found the cape that Sal ninja hid from us earlier, and we have my dad to thank for it.


Between movies, I remembered a conversation with mah dad earlier telling him the same story.

I giggled to the Captain, "My dad bet me five dollars that we'd find the cape in the litter box."

He laughed, "Yeah, SURE." Walks off to check the litter box.

(2 seconds later)


Marches back in, holding up the cape: "Your dad is a rotten genius."

Oh well, there goes my $5.