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Tailoring help

How difficult is it to have a boob seam taken down an inch or so? I got this dress from Modcloth to possibly wear to a shower this weekend, and while I love it on the bottom, the boob seam on the top is super awkward and makes my boobs look smashed and awful. I think this is partially because the seam is so shallow for an XL. It’s elasticized in the back, so my ladies technically fit, but I’m wondering if I took it to a tailor, would they be able to move the seam? I’ve included photos of the front and backside of the seam (and also part of a management appraisal example using Comic Book Guy), just in case that helps. I would just like a rounder, lower seam and probably some cups sewn in there...would this be a hugely difficult thing for a tailor to do? Could I ask to have it done in like 4 days?


Thank you for your help, as always, my dearest online loves.

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