Please meet the fat cat roommates in the room I have nicknamed the Fluffy Cloud room. The black and white one is James and the orange one is The Doctor. The Doctor was actually my very first adoption today, one of many!

Close up of pretty James, who is 18 lbs of floof.

And The Doctor, who went home with seriously the tallest family I have ever seen. They were super nice people, I think he’ll be happy.


Bonus photo of a kitten named Grandpa who was deep asleep all day in his cage. But he perked right up when his people came in to finalize his adoption!


There was also a tiny cat with huge paws that was found as a stray. I think with proper nutrition that cat is going to be at least double the size of his 8 lb frame. And a 3 legged cat named Heisenberg!

We were short staffed, so it was insanely busy. Like, I was sweating at points because I was running around so much. I got scolded by a vet tech because I brought them a kitty without a carrier, which is what I was told to do. And it was their fault anyway since he was put on the floor for adoption before he even got his rabies shot and microchip.

I stayed an extra half hour beyond what I needed to because it was so busy that I couldn’t just finish up and leave. And on my way out I helped a family coax their new giant German Shepherd into their sedan. My face hurts from being so cheerful all day.


The one bright side to it being so busy is that it left no downtime for my co-volunteer to pester me about the job she interviewed for on my team at work. She did say I should put in a good word for her, but she’s so intense the twice a month that I see her that I have no patience for that in my daily life.

No fat cat for me to fall in love with and want to bring home myself today. Well, there is a very attention seeking polydactyl orange kitty who currently has a URI, but nothing that is 100% my kitty. I think Little Dude is fine with that for now.