John Ware Cowboy Extraordinaire

That’s John Ware, born into slavery in South Carolina in the 1800's. Lived a freeman in Alberta in the mid 1800's and...wait for it....wait...introduced Longhorn cattle to Alberta! Wait. What? Oh it doesn’t stop there my friends. Ever hear of a little ol’ thing called the Calgary Stampede? Well he made steer wrestling happen which is a part of the stampede to this day!

And my Oklahoma friends the early Black settlers in Alberta are from that very State. During the late 19th century Black folks from Oklahoma found the laws of the land hostile (kkk wasn’t helping either) for them so they sent a recon group to check out Alberta. Finding the land familiar and being skilled in farming they picked up and settled roots in Alberta in the early 1900's.

Now, as all stories I relay there is an ugly part. Alberta sent out some notice to south of our border promising land. I guess you know how that went for our friends. But to bad so sad because our band of folks, known as “Exodusters”, had brain, brawn, and a little cash and settled themselves right in. Extending from Alberta to Ontario.

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