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Taking a mental health day.

I called in sick to work today. It wasn't a matter of if I would cry, but when. I didn't even make it out of the house; I got dressed, but that was it. Crawled right back into bed and let the tears come.

I hate to use the word because I worry I'm diminishing it from people who need it more than I do, but I really got triggered last night. A switch got yanked. I originally wrote out all the details of why, but I am wary of being doxxed, so I won't go into it—it involves a person who seriously intimidates me and triggered me like a fucking gun. My body image issues are so bad this morning. And I did so fucking well both Saturday and Sunday during the day, accomplished so many of my tasks, and felt so proud. Now today I'm a wreck.

So it isn't a great day so far.

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