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I normally try to keep my religion off this site because it’s a very sensitive topic. (Fyi, I’m one of those heathen liberal Christians who thinks we’re going to be very surprised at who’s in heaven (if there’s one)) But one of my favorite theologians posted status that pretty much reflects how I feel about trump in terms of my own faith.

For me, this is the money quote: “If Christ is the measure ot politics, then every person who aspires to follow Christ has to be able to show how the political vision he or she espouses can be justified by appealing to Christ’s life and teaching or, at the very least make an argument that it does not collide with the life and teachings of Christ. My claim was and continues to be:

Most of what was important to Jesus is openly despised by Trump; most of what is important to Trump was condemned by Jesus.”


You can read his post here: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1223669524346995&id=100001118779221

I put this I the book of faces, I’m a bit scared of what I’ll read once people get out of church. (I stopped going because of the election)


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