I have two specific food situations I'm trying to address currently that I would love any recommendations for!

The first is lunch foods. I eat lunch at my office every day, and usually I eat the same thing. A veggie patty, mini wontons, a thing of yogurt, and a serving of broccoli. It's good, it's healthy, it's filling, and I can easily make it with what we have at the office (microwave, george foreman, etc).

But I'm so sick of it. I can eat the same thing for months and I'm fine but now I'm tired of it and the thought of it makes me nauseous. What other suggestions can you guys think of? I actually loved what I was having originally - it was healthy and low-cal low sodium, and the veggie patties were actually veggies, not weird soy or TVP.

The second is treats. I need to lower my blood sugar, and I need good snack foods that are super easy, not a lot of calories and are sweet. I eat a fair bit of chocolate for many reasons, and I need to cut out sugar and am looking for something else for a sweet tooth that I can put in my face when I wander out to my kitchen for a fix. I like popcorn as a snack - kettle corn maybe??

I don't know! What are your favorites, GT? All vegan/vegetarian/omnivore opinions welcome!