I got down with a little bit of plunging today, and when I was finished, I had a problem. It's the same problem I always have, but I guess I just block the memory out every time. The question is: now what do I do with this shitty plunger dripping with toilet water?

If I'm plunging, nine times out of ten it's a dookie and TP jam, which promptly gets sucked up to completely coat the plunger interior. Depending on the design, it might have all kinds of ledges and crevices in there for nastiness to linger. What do you guys do? Rinse it as best you can in the toilet bowl and then try to put it away quick before it drips all over everything? Or do you run the faucet in the tub over it for a while? That's like, cleaner on one hand, but also kind of nasty. What if there's no holder and you have to set it right on the linoleum?