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Good story first. So far I adore my new art students, they are passionate about the subject, they want to have discussions, they add interesting thoughts. THEY ARE FUN! SOOOOO MUCH FUN!


What the fuck story: I’m teaching a not online course. We tried to change the hours of the course because it was at a bad time. This one student refused because it messed up their morning work schedule (e.g they always work nights, so the morning is perfect for them!), so we kept it the same for them. Same student writes me they need me to make the class online for them because of their work schedule. Because with the wave of my magic wand I can take the class I am writing week by week and make it online too! This is the same person who wanted it the bad time for work, but now can’t attend class at the time they requested. (Note: changing class times is abnormal, but situation about why the class is scheduled this way is also a weird one.)

Pretty sure this is a hard “No.”

But I get needing to work, but ummm basically at no point this student could have attended this class and worked. Even the original time was in their work schedule.


There’s no attendance requirement, so in theory they can get notes off a classmate.

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