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Tales from the Cube: Cookie Capture

When I first started working my current job, I found the culture at the place an odd contrast to my former place of employment. People seemed happy. They volunteered for things. Their eyes were not hollowed out from despair. Managers did not have to produce twice weekly offerings of cake to keep people from quitting. Fascinated, I set about learning more of their odd ways.

The food behavior was one of the most striking things of note. Although there was no weekly cake, the leftover food from important client meetings would be put out in the common kitchenette where all could partake. Some would just grab a bite or two, some would grab a small plate— but some, some would show up and fill a tupperware container with the leftovers.


This, I thought, was absolute brilliance. How long would it be before I too was capturing leftover meeting food in plastic? I found my answer today.

There is joy in the congealed gingerbread cookie with lemon frosting. No shame.


What strange behaviors do you see at your workplace that outsiders would not understand?

Please share!

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