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Tales from the fertility clinic

So this morning, Mr. Ivriniel went to the fertility clinic to create a sample for them. Now samples can be produced at home, but they need to be at the clinic within 45 min of production, and we live far enough away that arriving on time might be iffy.

So Mr. I went down into the basement where they have 3 rooms set up side by side for collection. When he has gone in the past he's had the whole area to himself, but this time, there was someone in the room next to him. Mr. I never saw the man, but he certainly heard him, as he was rather enthusiastic about creating a sample.

Mr. I found hearing another man's enthusiasm kind of distracting, but the thing that completely killed the mood for him, was after the other man left his little room. After the guy left, Mr. I heard the nurse open the door of the room next door, and exclaim "Oh, you have *got* to be kidding me."


At that moment, he just burst out laughing, which totally put him out of the mood.

In the end, he did produce a sample, but we are both left wondering what this guy could have possibly left behind in the room to make the nurse react like that? perhaps it is best not to ponder too much. :D

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