Background: We have an office for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. A new office. They are attempting to gather demographic data to get a picture of the people who are employed here so that any policies or programs they institute will have impact. Simple. So they sent out a self identification survey (you know to see who is LGBTQQ2S, person of colour, person with disability, etc). Survey is optional but encouraged. They send it out every so often to get as many people to fill it out as they can.

Member calls: I have questions about the EDI survey.

Me: Sure, go ahead.

Member: Do we have to fill this out? Why are they sending this survey? I'm not sure I want to identify myself.

Me: No worries. You don't have to fill it out. They would like you to but no need. The survey is to capture demo data to determine who works here and what programs/policies/ services could be put into place to ensure equity in our workplace. Why wouldn't you want to fill it out?

Member: I was worried that it might mean that the white workers were going to moved out of the workplace (Read-fired for being white).


Me: Well that never happens. Any where. Ever. So.oo..don't have to worry about that. (Internal dialog- Bitch, do you know who you are talking to?! Because I know you know me the brown girl in the office).

I'll tell you since this shitty survey has gone out I have heard complaints from white people only. Apparently they are being excluded. And that's bad. Even though in the survey you can check yourself off as white.


I have to confess since getting into this office I have experienced/witnessed more sexism and prejudice than I have in years. Since I left my backwoods home town actually (that I loved btw).