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As I’ve mentioned around 1,000 times, I am finishing up student teaching soon.

My jobs before this? I worked in the Alaskan fishing industry, in a produce warehouse, and in a tile factory. All jobs that involved getting my clothes dirty and torn. I wore a lot of Doc Martens and Carhartts.

Now that I’ve been out of that kind of job for a few months, I’ve remembered that I am actually pretty obnoxiously twee. I like bright colors, unique prints, and vintage-style dresses. Usually with something thrown in to toughen it up.


Now that I can wear more of what I like, it’s a little funny how much I feel more like myself. It’s shallow and frivolous, but it makes me happy.

Here are my three favorite articles of clothing right now. (Yes, two are jackets/coats. My school’s climate requires outerwear for most of the year.):


How do you like to dress? Or, how would you dress if circumstances would allow? Let’s be frivolous.

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