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Talk about Handmaid's Tale Finale (this post is dark and full of spoilers)

As I mentioned in another post, the episode made me alternately sob and feel like vomiting.

Random thoughts (in random order):

* The stoning - I knew it was going to be Janine pretty early on. It was heartening (a it) to see Aunt Lydia so affected by it. She seems to be a true believer, but also has become attached to this women she has tortured and mindfucked. I don’t think she could have stoned Janine herself - but ordering others to do so is different. I felt nauseated during this entire scene and really thought I was going to vomit. I watched this over lunch and was very glad I waited till it was over to eat.


* The image of the handmaid’s walking down the street, many with arms to their sides, most with their heads up and eyes straight forward was amazing. I sobbed.

* The amputation scene was another one where I was glad I had not eaten lunch yet. I was convinced they were going to castrate and penectomize him though - which I kind of thought would have made more sense as a punishment - but maybe they would be too worried about losing his seed since he apparently is fertile.

* I was so damned worried about those letters and how careless Offred was with them (falling asleep with them all spread out). It reminded me of how worried I constantly was about Toto when I watched it as a kid (well, watched part of it - it was too scary for me and I couldn’t watch the whole thing till college. Those monkeys!).

* That scene when Serena took Offred to “view” her daughter was horrifying and painful as fuck. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be Serena - I know she feels as though she is powerless as well - and she gets power however she can, even if it means exerting her power over Offred, but the cruelty required to do that is a bit staggering.


* The acting is all around amazing. What the women can do with a minor facial movement to convey extreme emotion is incredible.

* So glad Poussey survives this show (so far), but I was scared for her the whole time until she met with Luke - I was afraid it was all fake.


* Luke is in for a shock when he hears about what things have been like for Poussey and June.

* I believe that June is likely safe - but how Nick defines safe is to be determined. I think he was struck by how much he feels for June and for his baby - and he acted to try to keep them safe. We just have no idea how “good” or indoctrinated he is.


* I’m very worried for June and Luke’s daughter, Hannah, now, but maybe Serena won’t do anything since it won’t bring her baby back.

* I have hope for Rita and what she will do with all of those letters.

What did you think?

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