I just paid a lady $200 to delouse my family, as my 2nd grader got sent home from school with head lice. After a mini-breakdown at work because I was planning to go buy more dress pants after work today because I've been running on only two pairs of dress pants for a month and a half, and one of the two pairs that still fits was being held together that very moment by safety pins; but instead I was facing a long grueling night of yanking my family's hair out, I remembered that supposedly there are people who you can pay to do that for you. A few desperate googles later, I had an appointment scheduled for right after work. BEST $200 I HAVE EVER SPENT. Seriously. It took her 2 hours to do all three of us (husband of course didn't have any lice). When I had to take care of it last time, it took like 4 plus hours. And I had to finish my head that morning. On the plus side, she bascially treated our heads with olive oil, so my hair feels great. We've got to do more olive oil treatments for three weeks, so that will get a bit tiresome, but worth it if it keeps the little buggers away.

Did I mention my dolt of a husband was going to just wait till I got home (he picked her up from school because I couldn't leave work) and let me take care of all of it? Because he has grad school and a test to take tonight? *sigh* He's lucky my google fu was successful, because he would've gotten an earful from me. Everyone and their mother has said that I need to start putting my needs first sometimes (he has even said this to me), and the one time I actually try to schedule emergency shopping, I have to cancel it for head lice and he doesn't even offer to start treating? FUCK THAT NOISE.

And here is a dramatic re-creation of my evening.