I have a hair appointment today with my real stylist to fix a bad cut I got from a walk-in joint I stupidly tried out on a whim (that needed to grow out for 2 months. That bad.) And I'm contemplating taking the plunge and chopping it all off. a la Taylor Swift. Lord help me, I never thought I would covet her hair, but the short straight bob with swoopy bangs looks SO GOOD on her. She's just so cute.

Prior to this little itch, I was going for Alexa Chung style bangs, but longish hair. My bangs are just getting to be the right length and the rest almost reaches my bra band when pulled straight.

The problem? I had short hair for a very long time and it made me look SO juvenile. I look back at pictures from High School and College realize that my hair was awful and made my face look fat and childish. And I love having it long.

But should I go for it? My stylist is really good, and works at one of the best salons in the city (depending on who you ask, of course) so I know she'll give me a great cut... I'm just worried about HATING it when it's done.


So... plunge? Short? Or just let her clean up the mess and leave the length?