UPDATE: I did comment back by linking to several articles exploring the issue. I am not the only one commenting. It’s turned into a big debate. The original poster is starting to double down (she didn’t mean to start a fight, she just wants people with pets to be able to find housing, what she’s recommending is not illegal, etc.). She ended up deleting the original post.

OP: I live in an area where housing is hard to find. Rates are high. And if you have a pet, it’s even harder.

I have a facebook feed for a community group in the area, where people regularly post things about the community, housing, etc. Someone just posted this: “Just a thought for all of you looking for rentals that allow pets. I would highly suggest having your dogs certified as service animals. Landlords are legally required to allow service animals.”

Like, just cheat the system!

I have a problem with the idea of registering your pet as a service animal because I feel like that cheapens the training real service animals go through to provide actual support to their human companions.


Do I comment back, GT?