Because I'm thiiiiis close to quitting my job, booking new tickets back home and leaving China today. I'd much rather spend the month until our departure date hanging out at my grandma's house, eating delicious food and not dealing with these assholes anymore.

We are doing two weeks of free half-hour classes to attract new students to our school. I have one class with kids who are already our students and three classes of new students. I prepared special lessons for the kids from our school, because they know some English already and need a harder lesson. Today, the manager of the English department, of whom I've spoken fondly* before here, told me that I need to throw away my lesson plans and all the work I've done and teach prepare all new lessons for our kids to cover for her stupidity.

You see, three of those kids are in my boyfriend's level 1 class. The class started several weeks after the other classes, but because she is unable to read a calendar, she didn't account for the fact that they would only have 10 weeks to complete a 15-unit book. At the end of the semester, she tried to get my boyfriend to teach them 5 units in one 3-hour week, but he said it was not possible and he would only cover two units, and she agreed. Today she tells me I have to finish the last three units with them in my three remaining half-hour classes. She basically wants me to throw away all the work I've already done and condense 9 hours of material in 1.5 hours. When I told her I could not do it, because A) not enough time and B) half the kids in the class have already done the book in question, she insisted I teach it anyway. I asked her if she would teach it and she said that if I paid her my salary, she would. I am so unbelievably tempted to throw the money for one week of my salary in her face tomorrow and tell her that I'll be back after the week in question.

I'm really sick of being treated like absolute garbage by the school. You better believe the male teachers don't get treated like this. They get talked to like adults and get opportunities to make extra money. And of course, if I do try to teach the units, which consist of five new words and two new sentences, I'll only have time to get through the vocabulary. Then I'll be told I'm not doing my job properly, because I haven't taught them the sentences and the class isn't fun.

*not fondly