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Talk me down guys! On arguing with sexist "progressive" dudes

Okay, I was at the gym and I know I shouldn't get in facebook arguments while I'm all pumped up but I did. One of my facebook friends posted about the scientist with the stupid cartoon lady shirt and how feminists are repressing sexuality by critiquing it, so I jumped in to tell him that women don't want to be sexualized in every fucking context, especially at work. His argument basically was that men are just as objectified as women so women have no right to complain. Then a bunch of his fucking dude friends jumped in with arguments about objectification being necessary as a mating ritual and how women objectify themselves so they can't complain when men objectify them. When someone posted a video about MRAs, I noped out of there, told them to fuck themselves (I mean, I said something smarter, but that was the idea) and unfriended.

This guy has always positioned himself as a progressive marxist/maoist, but he'd always struck me as super blind to issues of sexism, homophobia and even racism to a lesser extent. So now I'm done with the discussion but I'm still so pissed off about getting mobbed by a bunch of dudes telling me that feminism is a joke and that poor men's boners are being repressed by the evil Matriarchy.

Gifs of righteous feminist anger below


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