I'm having a bad day here. My catalogue is due at the printer's Monday, so today is our last day to correct typos and any other errors. I hardly need add that have been constantly revising and correcting for, oh, I don't know, SINCE THE FIRST SET OF PROOFS CAME BACK FROM THE PRINTER. I've worked as an editorial assistant, as an editor, and as a proofreader, and I am considered to be good at such things But I've had little help with this project and I guess I'm tired and I'm missing things. During my day off yesterday the catalogue went to the rest of the staff for editing, and I found it on my desk at 9 am this morning, covered with post-its - including several large ones discussing a "problem" that was only "recognized" yesterday and which it is felt needs to be corrected ASAP, even though this involves original cataloguing which is the one part I did not do, since it had been done by professional cataloguers. But apparently I have to correct it. And I know I am just being stupid and I'm not really being picked on, but to find something, that was considered nearly complete two days ago, is now in a state where it must be gone over again, line by bloody line ... I looked at the pile on my desk and all I see is THIS IS WRONG AND YOU ARE STUPID and I nearly burst into tears, even though I am very much opposed to crying at the office. So I went into the bathroom and cried. And then I took all my stuff and locked myself in the side office where I am, in fact, going over it line by line, as instructed.

And of course, since I'm already upset, I'm trying to work with two staff members who are shortly heading off to other jobs. Good for them, back pats all around, but the interest in the new job coexists with a palpable lack of interest in the old job, and, again even though I know it is stupid, I am feeling very weary of the assumption that it's not going to be a problem for the staff that remain to pick up their slack, especially when they're not gone yet. I'm not feeling undervalued by my job, but I am feeling undervalued by my soon-to-be-former co-workers. And yeah, I know, I gotta suck it up.

And just to make my day complete I'm working in the same space as the Gingham Dog, who is feeling combative today, and the scary creeper dude who I am convinced is going to shank me with a sharpened #2 pencil.

Thanks for listening /end whine