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Talk to me about DBT (dialectical behavior therapy)

Hi GTers,

I’ve been struggling with recurrent severe depression since I was about 8 years old, I’ve had two really rough episodes over the last 5 years (and still in one right now). My therapist has suggested that I start a DBT program, that it may be more helpful then CBT. The program I’m looking at joining is specifically tailored to perfectionist folks in tech (which is me to a T).

It consists of weekly therapy, 24/7 skills support, and 2 hours of group therapy a week. It’s also very $$$$$ (and doesn’t take insurance). I had my first therapy visit on Tuesday, and the therapist seemed confident that DBT could cure my black and white thinking and trauma/PTSD triggers. I want to believe her, but it seems to be too good to be true. I’m really to give it a try though, since I so badly want stop this cycle of depression and it’s effect on my life (work, relationships, you name it).


Has anyone had experiences with DBT that they’d be willing to share with? Also any resources?

Thanks friends!

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