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Talk to me about Grand Hotel

Because applying for jobs is boring, let’s discuss the Spanish soap opera which wonders, how could Downton Abbey be LESS subtle and have an even higher body count?

Come with me, gentle stranger as we follow the tale of young Julio, a working class young tough with prettier hair than mine, who ends up taking a job as a waiter at a fancy hotel in order to investigate the disappearance of his sister who had been previously employed at as a maid at that establishment.


Are long buried family secrets unearthed?


Are there upstairs downstairs hijinks?

You betchya!

Is there a love that totally dares to speak it’s name between Julio and a Grand Lady (tm)?


Um, have you watched tv before???

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Is there...


Watch the damn show.

(But yes. A lot. A comical amount of murder.)

It’s on US Netflix, not sure about options in other countries.

Who has seen it? (I’m mid way through season 2 so I will try to keep it spoiler free here.)


Who is everyone’s favorite character? I can’t help it, I really like Belen, the slutty social climbing maid with the ulterior motives. I genuinely root her over Julio and Alicia. (No joke, I find Alicia so boring that I just forgot her name and had to go Google it.) That said, I would completely watch a spin off where Alicia bucks convention and opens up her own detective agency.

My problem with this show is that I keep expecting people to be slightly more complex than they actually are. But no, the evil characters are exactly that evil, the dissolute louche is that dissolute, and the Hercule Poirot stand in is...exactly that. On the other hand, it’s somewhat comforting in this crazy world to enter a universe where everything is exactly what it apears to be.


Finally the clothes are on point.

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