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Talk to me about how you manage email and deadlines*

I get a lot of emails, and have a lot of deadlines. Usually I can manage these well, but under times of stress or intense projects, my management of these falls by the wayside. I spent a little time this morning trying to put deadlines in my calendar, but then got distracted, so not everything is there. When I first started my postdoc, I had a spreadsheet with my projects and deadlines - and that had definitely been left behind as well. I’ve also gotten bad about responding to emails of late - even emails from my mentor, and I have to fix that as well (I have a massively complex set of email filters in place, and that helps - but still, falling behind).

Tell me how you manage these things - what systems have you created, what software do you use (not looking for advice, just looking for examples of what other people do and some discussion of HOW HARD ALL OF THIS IS!!!).

*I accidentally typed “dreadlines” rather than deadlines in the title. That is a good typo.

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