Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

On a level of insult how bad is "hipster"? I am getting into a row with an old friend on facebook because I said hipster about the guys who opened a cereal bar in London, all it serves is cereal. I think it's a fucking bullshit thing to ask £3.20 ($5) for a bowl of cereal. Yes it's a wide selection but it's all the place fucking serves.

But this is what I was posting about: that this cafe is in an area with startling level of poverty of disparity of wealth between the very trendy people who live there and the prices of goods they consume and the 49% child poverty in the area.


This place will make good money for a year or so then the newness will fall off and it will be gone but as always with gentrification it's got to the point where it has priced out people so completely that now they are selling each other bowls of cereal for almost the cost of a single imported box of lucky charms. Locals can fuck of elsewhere.

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